​Copyright @ Defense Solutions International. All rights reserved.

Copyright @ Defense Solutions International. All rights reserved.

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Defense Solutions International
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Defense Solutions International


DSI is an International Consulting and Advising Partner,

that can help you manage the complexities of international

trade and program management.

Discovering the most reliable path into the world of

international trade requires an experienced guide,

and Defense Solutions International is that guide.  

Whether searching for new suppliers, new markets,

logistics assistance, or trade finance,

you've come to the right place. 

Program Management

  • Horizontal & Vertical Construction
  • Pipeline and Oil Storage
  • ​Telecommunications and Electric Infrastructure.

Marketing & Sales    

Global Sourcing    

Government Sales
Supply Chain Management

Foreign Military Sales

Offset Programs   

The world is changing with extraordinary rapidity.

With shifts in wealth, production, currencies, energy,

and consumption, the old ways of doing business

are no longer "good enough” as both civilian and

military markets need to be approached differently.