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“The Trailblazers of Trade”

           Marco Polo - Christopher Columbus – Ferdinand Magellan - Henry Hudson –

    Sir Francis Drake – Henry Hudson  - Capt James Cook – Lewis & Clark

Discovering the most reliable path into the world of international trade requires an experienced guide, and Defense Solutions is that guide.  Whether
      searching for new suppliers, new markets, logistics assistance, or trade finance, you've  come to the right place. 

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The world is changing with extraordinary rapidity. With shifts in wealth, production, currencies, energy, and consumption, the old ways of doing business are no longer "good enough” as both civilian and military markets need to be approached differently.

Defense Solutions can help your company generate significant economic benefits in these changing times by providing advisory services, designed to improve your bottom line. Defense Solutions will assist your company in the global marketplace with solutions specifically tailored to your busines​s.

​​There are 7.1 billion people in the world today – how many of them know your company?​

The United States is the world’s largest exporter and importer of both goods and services. With nearly 14% of U.S. GDP in 2013 related to exports, and 95% of potential consumers overseas, American companies need to be active in the global marketplace.